Frequently Asked Questions At Car Mate Trailers Inc.

Q:  How do I purchase a Car Mate Trailer?

A:  Car Mate Trailers has an extensive dealer network covering 14 states and 2 provinces in Canada.

Q:  Are there any requirements for the brakes on my new Car Mate Trailer?

A:  Dexter brakes are required to be broken in or “Burnished-in” to provide optimal performance.  Brakes should be burnished-in by applying the brakes 20 to 30 times with approximately a 20 m.p.h. decrease in speed, e.g. 40 m.p.h. to 20.m.p.h.  Allow ample time for brakes to cool between each application.  Visit for more details.

Q:  Do you ship trailers overseas?

A:  Due to freight and shipping costs, it is cost prohibitive to ship our trailers overseas.  However, some dealers have shipped trailers overseas.  Call for details. 

Q:  If I order a trailer from my local dealer, can I pick up at the factory to save the freight charge?

A:  Yes, after payment of the unit to the dealer which should include a $25.00 pick-up fee.  Also, all proper licensing needs to be done in advance between the retail dealer and the customer before pick-up at the factory.  In addition, you must have proper wiring, hitch, drawbar with correct ball size, and coupler pin.  Also, if the trailer is equipped with brakes, a functioning brake controller must be installed and working on the tow vehicle.

Q:  What are your dealer requirements?

A:  Call the factory at (800) 733-8856 for details.

Q:  Do you build trailers with living quarters?

A:  At this time, living quarters are not an option, but there are many third party vendors that will convert your unit to your living quarters specifications.

Q:  Do you build trailers with aluminum frames?

A:  Car Mate Trailers are manufactured with full steel frames.  Steel is not only stronger, but when primed and painted properly, as it is in our state-of-the-art paint facility, it stands up to the elements just as well as aluminum. We do build a line of light duty open all aluminum trailers called the AST

Q:  Do you donate trailers to charitable organizations or offer discounts?

A:  Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests from many worthy causes, it is not feasible.

Q:  Does Car Mate manufacture concession / food trailers?

A:  No, Car Mate discontinued their line of concession trailers on July 1, 1998.  However, we do offer lift-up awning doors, serving windows, drop floors and removable hitches. The end user can do their own conversion to a vending trailer.

Q:  How do I find my nearest dealer?

A:  Check out the dealer page on this web site, which will let you do an advanced search by city, state, or zip code – and even give you the mileage and contact info for the dealer nearest you! Find our trailer dealers in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia or the Providences of Ontario and Quebec.

Q:  How does Car Mate stack up against the competition?

A:  While there are many good manufacturers out there, Car Mate Trailers is second to none in quality, workmanship, and durability.  Just ask the proud owners.

Q:  What separates Car Mate from the competition?

A:  One piece aluminum roof, side wall construction fit and finish, painted floor on both sides to seal and protect, 4″ frame on all 5′ wide and 6′ wide Custom Cargo Trailers, standard stone guard on the front, standard aluminum diamond plate corners, larger more visible LED clearance, marker, and tail lights, just to name a few features.  Our Lifetime Plus 5 Warranty is unmatached in the cargo trailer industry.

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