I borrowed the 5 X 10 AST with Gate trailer from a friend last summer – using it many times each day as we were building and moving over the course of about six months.  The trailer exceeded my expectations for ease of use – great with ramp when needed and the ramp is easy…

Jeff Western NY

We purchased our trailer at Hoffman’s Sport and Turf. They did an excellent job. Everyone was courteous and very helpful. I would highly recommend them.

Car Mate Owner St. Marys, PA

Trailer handled great, used to move my father and his belongings from New Jersey to Missouri.

Car Mate Owner New Jersey

My buy criteria was a trailer of high quality — Prefer to buy an item once and do it right. Ron’s Toy Shop immediately recommended Car-Mate. Looking at their lot, I could visually see the differences in quality of Car-Mate over others. Car Mate exceeded my expectations in customizing my trailer for hauling my Ural…

Martin New Hampshire

Did a lot of research on internet before I bought this trailer. Car Mate is the only one that (in my honest opinion) meets my expectations for what a contractor rig should have for a base model. I upgraded to 1/2 inch walls 16 on center studs for shelves and headroom. Radial tires, self-adjusting brakes…

John Unknown

Car Mate Trailers were recommended by Summit Trailers in Akron. It tracks well while driving. Their manuals are over and above what we expected. I wish other trailer manufacturers included that much information on the trailer maintenance.

Anonymous Uniontown, OH